About Us

Based in London, UK, Bdaq.co.uk is a product of LoudFrogs Ltd and is the UK’s first real estate leads marketplace. If you have been involved in the UK’s real estate market you are probably aware of its online component being heavily dominated by a select few portals.


At Bdaq we feel the property portal business model is outdated now and it’s time for a more efficient, cost-effective and targeted approach. Our vision led us towards the development of one of the most advanced real estate lead generation engines, which ultimately lies at the core of our business.


We believe that instead of having to list properties on multiple portals to attract random leads, you, or anyone else interested in buying or selling property should be able to pick and choose the kind of leads you want to pursue.


Our platform allows all this with unprecedented level of filteration which makes for a truly need-focused pay-per-lead setup. Simply put, with Bdaq you only pay for the selected number of the exact type of leads in the specific areas you want.


Bdaq’s semi-automated lead generation engine is working around the clock to generate quality real estate leads which are then verified and scored by our team of experts so you don’t have to worry about the quality of leads either.


Besides all this, we understand the importance of creating meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and clients, which is why you will find it nearly impossible to fault our customer support.


If you have any suggestions or feedback which can help us improve our service even further, please don’t hesitate to contact us via on info@bdaq.co.uk / 0845 004 4140.


Team Bdaq.co.uk